Our workshops are designed to educate, empower and enlighten! All workshops include an introduction to African culture specific to each workshop as well as enthusiastic and professional instructors.




African Drumming and Dance Workshop  

Have fun and discover the benefits of African drumming and dance! Feel the effects of higher self-esteem and unity by joining this ensemble.


African Paper Bead Making and Instrument Making Workshop  

Take part in our Arts Workshop and let your creative shine. In this fun and hands on experience, students will learn how to make traditional paper beads for jewellery as well as a musical string instrument, called Kologo, which they can take home to enjoy!



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Adinkra Kente and African Folk Storytelling Workshop  

This is a perfect parent and child activity!  Adinkra are visual symbols that represent concepts or thoughts.  Create a traditional Ghanaian cloth and learn how to tell stories through Adinkra symbols.




Mask Making and African Mask Dance Workshop  

As a symbol of harmony between people and nature, masks play an important ceremonial role in Africa.  Learn about African art, create your very own African mask and perform in a culturally elaborate African Mask Dance.